Yourbenefitsresources.Com/Schlumberger – It was in 1920 when Conrad Schlumberger and his brother Marcel formed the first office of Schlumberger after publishing the findings of their 1911 experimental surface resistivity studies. They founded Société de Prospection Électrique (often known as “Pros”) in 1926, which would go on to become Schlumberger.

There are various benefit schemes to choose from as an employee after you reach the eligibility requirements. The following types of insurance are available for purchase:

  • Prescription Drugs / Medical Services or Supplies – Reimbursement
  • Vision
  • Orthotics
  • Financial Assistance for People with Mental Illness, Disability, and AD&D

Employees should set up an online account so they may accomplish the following things:

  • Make a copy of your medical insurance card to have on hand.
  • Beneficiaries of life insurance should be updated.
  • Review the details of your plan, including the various coverage choices.
  • Resolve all monetary transactions for the benefit of others.
  • Revisit the information on which the update is based.
  • Locate a doctor by using the “Find a doctor” function in your health plan.
  • When the yearly enrollment period begins or you become eligible for benefits for the first time, you can quickly and conveniently enrol in a benefit plan.
  • Due to a qualifying status change, you may need to make modifications to your insurance policy.
  • Locate service providers and facilities on the web.
  • Learn about available treatment options.
  • Verify your benefit plan deductions on your pay stub.
  • There’s a lot more!

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