www.mychart.texaschildrens.org – The MyChart online health management system is available to the people who go to Texas Children’s Hospital.

www.mychart.texaschildrens.org Login Steps:

  1. Visit: https://www.mychart.texaschildrens.org on your device.
  2. FIRST: Click on “Adult Access” under “Request Access Code?”
  3. Click the “Sign Up Now” button when you get back.
  4. Fill out the fields with your Activation Code.
  5. In the fields that are there, type in the Date of Birth that is on file.
  6. Fill out the field with a valid email address.
  7. Check that all the information you put in is correct.
  8. Click the button that says “Next.”
  9. Go on to the next step and give all the information needed to finish registering for a Patient online account.


www.mychart.texaschildrens.org Login Steps For Existing Member:

  • Visit: https://www.mychart.texaschildrens.org on your device.
  • Type your username and password for MyChart into the spaces provided.
  • Click the button that says “SIGN IN.”
  • Make sure all of your personal information is right. If there are any problems, you can fix them by calling customer service.
  • Start taking care of your account online.

This is a free service for anyone who signs up for an account or downloads the app. Clients can:

  • Appointments can be made, confirmed, and cancelled.
  • Request prescription refills.
  • Fill out online medical forms before appointments to speed up the check-in process.
  • Talk to the people taking care of you.
  • See your health summary, medications, allergies, and test results, and print them out.
  • You can look at, track, and print your vaccinations.
  • Look at the growth chart for your child.
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