Www.Cvs.Com/Otchs/Metroplus – MetroPlus Health Plan has a contract with Medicare to offer HMO and HMO SNP plans. MetroPlus Medicare Advantage (HMO SNP) members will now get $200 every three months ($800 a year) to buy over-the-counter medicines (approved non-prescription drugs and health-related items).

Their strategies are intended to provide the following:

  • Health insurance that is not prohibitively expensive.
  • Prescription medicine coverage is included.
  • Medical professionals who work together to help you improve your health.
  • The advantages you require in order to look after your well-being.
  • Original Medicare does not cover all of these additional benefits.

Www.Cvs.Com/Otchs/Metroplus Login Requirements:

  • The Internet
  • member’s ID number
  • Information about an individual’s private life
  • Inbox of recipient’s email


Www.Cvs.Com/Otchs/Metroplus Login Steps:

  1. https://www.cvs.com/otch/metroplus for further information.
  2. https://www.cvs.com/otchs/metroplus
  3. In the space given, enter your Member ID.
  4. In the supplied space, enter your birth date.
  5. Enter your postal code in the box given.
  6. Fill out the forms using an email address that is both valid and correct.
  7. Create a password and enter it in the appropriate boxes.
  8. Continue by clicking on the “Continue” button in the upper right-hand corner.
  9. You must keep going until you receive a confirmation that your registration was successful.

Www.Cvs.Com/Otchs/Metroplus Login Steps For Existing Member:

  1. Using your web browser, type in the URL: www.cvs.com/otchs/metroplus. The former website address was https://metroplus.otchs.com/.
  2. In the supplied space, enter either your Member ID or email address to access your account.
  3. Click here to enter your existing password.
  4. The red “Sign in” button must be clicked.
  5. Manage your online account.
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