What is Documentation


Documentation is a description of the system.it is used to communicate, instruct and record information for historical reference or operational purpose.

Uses Of Documentation:

  1. Documentation facilitates communication about an application between the technical development person and non-technical users.
  2. It is necessary during abnormal maintenance that is when a new programmer has to maintain all the software system.
  3. It is also very helpful to print the users in the user, a good documentation will provide a self-instructional approach that will allow employees to learn at their own pace.
  4. It is helpful in troubleshooting.

Documentation of a computer-based information system must be a clear and complete description of the functioning system. It must be updated to retain its relevance. Documentation provides a general outline as well as a detailed description of the overall program structure.

We have two types of documents:

  1. Technical documents.
  2. User Level document.

1)Technical Documents: the technical documents are for programmers who may be working on the system for its development or modification.
2)User-level documentation: the user level document is for the user of the system, it is also known as a user manual. A good user documentation Is essential if a program needs to be a useful tool.

The aim of documentation:

1)To help in the design of system by working to a set of standard and for making available a clear description of work done so far.
2)A good documentation ensures that all those who are involved in the system fully understand how their aspects of the system will work.it is to ensure that the system can be maintained after completion even if the original programmers changes.

Contents of A Documentation:

  1. System specification (Requirements & design).
  2. System flowchart and data flow diagram.
  3. If databases are involved ER diagram.
  4. Description of all the purpose of each program within the system.
  5. The layout of each file.
  6. The layout of all the screenshots.
  7. All the testing information. ie. Test data and expected results.

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