– At the time of its founding, Virginia Premier was a Medicaid Health Maintenance Organization. VCU Health System is the sole owner of the non-profit managed care business. Medicare, Medicaid, and Individual and Family policies are all available through them.

The Medallion 4.0 (Foster Care, Aged, Blind and Disabled, Health and Acute Care Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and the FAMIS (Children’s Health Insurance Program) are the two Medicaid plans available in the state.

2017 saw the launch of their Advantage Gold and Advantage Platinum Medicare programmes. Care coordination for Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries is handled by Advantage Elite (HMO SNP).

It was in this year, 2001, that OTC Health Solutions was first established. Together, these two businesses are attempting to provide a low-cost solution to the ever-increasing expense of healthcare. Millions of active members can now effortlessly order things through OTC Health Solutions’ home delivery programme.

Members of the VirginiaPremier Medicare Plan can simply obtain over-the-counter products online or over the phone from the convenience of their own homes. It’s possible for members of this Medicaid plan and OTC benefit to order things like:

  • Products that help with allergies
  • eye health
  • gastrointestinal aids
  • vitamins
  • first aid supplies
  • a prescription for anti-inflammatories
  • baby care items
  • cosmetics and toiletries
  • Treatments for the common cold
  • narcotic painkillers
  • A blood pressure cuff or other home diagnostics gadget
  • substitutes for nicotine
  • The list goes on! Login Requirements:

  • Information about a user’s Internet access credentials
  • Information about a person Login Steps:

  1. You can register by clicking on the small “Register” link under the “Login” button at
  2. In the supplied field, enter your Member ID.
  3. In the box provided, enter your zip code.
  4. To proceed, please enter your email address in the boxes given.
  5. Fill out the required fields to create and enter your password.
  6. The “Register” button can be clicked.
  7. When the registration process is complete, you will receive an email stating that you have successfully registered.
  8. If your registration was successful, you should have received a confirmation email informing you of this. Login Steps For Existing Member:

  1. You can get to by using your device’s browser.
  2. In the supplied field, enter your Member ID.
  3. In the supplied space, enter your existing Password.
  4. The “Login” button can be found at the bottom of the page.
  5. Begin utilising your online account management tools now.