Threads created automatically by the JVM

In this topic, you will learn about, threads that are created automatically by the JVM and discuss will the purpose of each thread.

Java provides various thread-like PC registers, graphics threads, thread frames, stack overflow, the stack frames, native threads, etc. These threads specify the set of rules for java program executives. These threads automatically execute with JVM according to program execution.

  1. PC register: This thread executes with the java program. due to the PC register thread, we can create a memory for java program datatypes.PC register creates memory location for one or more variables at a time of the same type.
    Eg: int x, y,z;
    In the above example create a memory for x, y,z at a time.
  2. Stack frame: It creates a memory for java statement and push in a stack and execute one by one by using pop operation. stack frame also creates automatically after PC register execution. stack frame creates an internal memory structure for java.
  3. Native thread: Native thread execute automatically when the execution of java code is completed.

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