Software Quality Management System

In this topic, you will learn about, Software Quality Management System.

A quality management system is a principal methodology used by the organization to ensure that the product they developed has the desired quality.

Some of the important issue associated with the Software Quality Management system are:

A quality system is the responsibility of the organization as a whole. However, every organization has a separate quality system to perform server quality system activities. The quality system of an organization should have the full support of the top management.

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Without support for the quality system at a high level in a company, few members of staff will take the quality system seriously.

The quality system activities encompass the following:

  1. Auditing the projects.
  2. Reviews of the quality system.
  3. Development of standard procedure and guidelines etc.
  4. Production of reports for the top management summarizing the effectiveness of the quality system in the organization.

A good quality system must be well well documented, without a properly documented quality system, the application of quality control and procedures becomes adhoc, resulting in mass large variation in the quality of the product value. Also, an undocumented quality system sends a clear message to the staff about the attitude of the organization towards quality assurance. International standard such as iso 9000 provides guidance on how to organize a quality system.

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