Pseudo Code Guidelines

In this topic, you will learn about, Pseudo Code Guidelines.

Pseudo Code Guidelines:

write a pseudo code is not a different task even if we do not know anything about computer language we can still draw an effective and efficient pseudo code if we are writing in an organized manner. Although there are no established standards for pseudocode constructions, there are few general guidelines for developing pseudo code.

  1. Statements should be written in simple English or in any preferable natural language and should be language independent. Remember that pseudo code only describes the logical to develop a program. It is not programming.
  2. Steps must be understandable and when the steps are followed they must produce a solution to the specified problem. If the pseudo-code is difficult for a person to read or translate into codes then something is wrong with the label of details we have chosen to use.
  3. The pseudo code can be con size.
  4. Each instruction should be written in separate lines and each statement in pseudo code should express just one action for the computer. If the task list is properly done, then it must possess each task will correspond to one line of pseudo code.
  5. Capitalized keyword READ, WRITE, PRINT, etc.
  6. Each set of instructions are built from the top to bottom with one entry and one exit.
  7. Each should allow for an easy transaction from design to implementation in programming languages.

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