Different types of Problems in SDLC

In this tutorial, you will learn about, What is the problem? different types of problems in SDLC.

What is the problem?

The problem allows specifying system development. It occurs due to mismanagement of information, processor Data. Due to problem user call system development processes like analysis, design, prototyping maintenance, etc.

Various types of problem:

  1. Logical problem: It occurs due to validation or verification security level. The logical problem can be handled by using system design and maintenance.
  2. Process and Procedural problem: Sometimes an organization specifies a minimum number of processes. So, it creates a complex system or project.
  3. Managerial problem: It occurs at the top level due to database management process failure or security concept.
  4. Problem with identification: This type of problem is very difficult to analyze or identify and generally it occurs at the time of maintenance.
  5. Transaction problem: It occurs due to lots of data or information transactions and Hardware failure.

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