Ohsu.Edu – Mychart

Ohsu.Edu – Mychart – This corporation was started in 1887. Today, they provide patients access to a free and secure online health information management platform. The web portal allows patients to conduct the following tasks:

  • Schedule, cancel or review appointments online.
  • View and manage drug prescriptions and medicines.
  • View & Print Medical Records.
  • Communicate with your medical team.
  • Download and Transmit Your Health Summary.
  • Complete clinical questionnaires.
  • View & print your allergies and test results.
  • View, track and print your vaccines.
  • Pay or see your bills.
  • View Vital Signs.
  • Access Growth Charts.
  • View Preventive Care Information.
  • Make Information and Access to It Available to Referring Doctors
  • Get in touch with the office of your physician or the healthcare staff.
  • Review the notes that were made during your office visits by your physicians.

Ohsu.Edu - Mychart

Ohsu.Edu – Mychart Login Steps:

  1. Follow this URL on your device’s internet browser to access the page.
  2. Simply select the “SIGN UP NOW” button to get started.
  3. Enter your Activation Code in the text box that has been supplied.
  4. In the space that has been provided for it, please enter your Medical Record Number.
  5. In the spaces that have been provided, please enter the patient’s date of birth that is on file.
  6. To continue, use the “Next” button.
  7. Continue to continue forward with the registration process for an online account by providing all of the essential information.
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Ohsu.Edu – Mychart Login Steps For Existing Member:

  1. Visit this website on your device: www.ohsu.edu/mychart.
  2. Fill out the supplied areas with your user name and password, if you have one.
  3. You may start managing your existing online account as soon as you click the “SIGN IN” button on the login screen.

Follow these steps to make a payment to a billing account online using the Guest user profile:

  1. Visit: https://mychartweb.ohsu.edu on your device.
  2. To pay your bill as a guest, find the “Bill Pay as Guest” link towards the bottom of the page, just close to the “Google Play” button or link.
  3. In the space that has been provided, please enter the Guarantor Account Number. (The individual who is liable for paying the debt is referred to as the guarantor.
  4. On your statement, you may see the guarantor’s name as well as their account number.)
  5. Please enter the surname in the field that has been supplied.
  6. To look something up, click the “LOOK UP” button.
  7. Proceed on with the process until you have located the account and are able to apply payment to it.