Myorder.Otchs.Com – The OTC benefit provides members who are qualified with a convenient method to obtain over-the-counter generic health and wellness goods sent to their homes via mail. Members are able to place orders from a curated selection of over-the-counter (OTC) goods, after which they may have the products delivered to their homes directly.Their principal objective is to offer a cost-effective response to the escalating expenses associated with medical care. They provide home delivery of over-the-counter goods to an active membership base that numbers in the millions. Through the utilisation of this online member website system, members of qualifying health plans are receiving assistance in effectively utilising their over-the-counter benefit programme.

Myorder.Otchs.Com Login Requirements:

  • Access to the Internet
  • Identification numbers for members
  • Particulars about an individual
  • Email address

Myorder.Otchs.Com Login Steps:

  • Follow this URL in the web browser on your device, and it will take you there.
  • Visit
  • In the space that has been provided for it, please enter your Member ID.
  • Fill in your name in the space that’s been provided.
  • Fill Your date of birth.
  • Fill in your postal code in the box that’s been provided.
  • In the spaces that are provided, please enter a working email address.
  • Create a password.
  • Click the “Continue” button.


Myorder.Otchs.Com Login Steps For Existing Member:

  • Simply type into the address bar of the internet browser that you’re using on your smartphone.
  • Enter Member ID or your Email Address.
  • Enter your current password.
  • To log in, use the red icon labelled “Sign in.”
  • Start administering your account online right away.
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