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Mylifetouch is a global platform with millions of users. Its success has reached new heights. From the start, Mylifetouch has used this platform to reach millions of consumers simultaneously. MyLifeTouch is a very simple and safe application. This site is where you can book all of your appointments.

If you work for this firm, you may use this portal to check your payment information and to adjust your work hours. Additionally, you may request leave online using this site. Depending on your prior number of leaves and the remaining number of leaves, your request will be handled quickly.

Not only does it provide photographs for schools, but also for families. Orders may be placed using the site in a straightforward manner. The MyLifeTouch portal makes it very simple to establish an account.

How do you create a Mylifetouch profile?

If you are a customer, you must first search for on

  1. Tap Sign or create an account.
  2. After clicking sign up, a field appears for you to input your email address.
  3. Complete the following section with the necessary information.
  4. By logging into your MyLifeTouch account, you sign that you have read and agreed to the site’s and company’s terms and conditions.
  5. Enter the proper captcha to verify you are not a robot.
  6. If all of your information is valid, there is no need to worry about it being verified. Once all verifications through OTP have been completed, your request for account creation will be approved.
  7. If you are an employee of this firm, you will be issued with a user ID and password for login after you have been registered or approved as an employee.
  8. You may choose the password for both customers and staff independently. Ascertain that it contains at least eight case-sensitive characters.
  9. Tap OK to proceed with the procedure and confirm it.
  10. Once you’ve obtained your account, you may access it by entering your username and password. If you forget any information, use the methods outlined below to retrieve them.

Access by logging in with your username and password.

  • Google will direct you to the company’s primary website.
  • Select a link that redirects to a login page.
  • Enter your username or email address that was used to create your account.
  • Enter the proper password in the appropriate format. If you have a problem with case sensitivity, your password will be rejected and access to the system will be limited.
  • Select the remember me option to conveniently login with your user ID the next time.
  • Once your login information has been entered successfully, click login.
  • Your request will be handled promptly if you have a good internet connection.


Apart from utilising the site for your own purposes, this programme allows you to make money. There is an option for LifeTouch awards. You get points when you purchase or make a purchase via this gateway. Once you have earned the appropriate number of points, you will get vouchers in the amount specified.

Photographs on demand

  • You may place your purchase for photographs online from the comfort of your home, business, or school.
  • Logging into your MyLifeTouch account is the first step.
  • From the barrage of results that appears on the screen, tap ‘orders.’
  • A picture identification number and an access code are included. Collect both of them, since each student that accesses the portal has a unique one.
  • Order your images using the codes.
  • Ascertain if the delivery address is valid. Additionally, include accurate contact information to ensure that your images are sent in a timely manner.
  • Payments are processed using the latest up-to-date security codes. As a result, there is no possibility of financial fraud.

If you’ve forgotten your photo ID

The school will provide the ID. Visit FindMyPictureDay to get your photo id, which is required to retrieve and purchase your photographs straight from the website. After the photo day has concluded, the institution will provide you with this id through the portal.

The organisation offers extremely exceptional photography services. This establishes them as the country’s most recognisable photographic firm.

You’ve forgotten your login credentials.

  • You will be unable to log in if you have forgotten your username.
  • Follow these procedures to reclaim it.
  • Tap forgot username on the login page.
  • Indicate your e-mail address or telephone number.

You may now use it to log in.

Are you having difficulty remembering your password?

If you’ve forgotten your password, there’s no need to panic.

Proceed as follows:

Visit from Sign in with your tap.

  • There is a forgot password option at the bottom of the screen. squeezing it
  • After clicking forgot password, you’ll be prompted for your user ID.
  • You will now get an OTP through text message to the cellphone number associated with the username you just entered.
  • Now, in order to prevent failure, enter the OTP as quickly as possible. If you are unable to provide the OTP within the allotted time, hit resend to get another opportunity.
  • Now, enter and confirm your new password.
  • You may login with this password.

How can I access Mylifetouch’s image gallery?

From the Shutterfly website, sign in and click on ‘My Photos’, then on ‘Albums.’ From your folder list, click on Lifetouch. Within this folder, you should be able to see Lifetouch photographs.

How can I locate photographs from my elementary school?

How to Locate a Photograph of an Elementary School

  • Inquire of Your Parents or Other Members of Your Family.
  • Visit the Library in Your Community
  • Solicit the Yearbooks of Former Classmates.

Are your images available for viewing online?

When your Lifetouch digital picture is completed, you will get an email with a link to If you already have a Shutterfly account, all you need to do is log in to view your Lifetouch digital photographs.

How can I get Shutterfly to accept my Lifetouch images?

When you connect your Lifetouch account with digital photographs, you may utilise your current Shutterfly account.

Is Lifetouch capable of retaining images?

If you are a Lifetouch Customer, our objective is to keep your images accessible to you for years to come, and we will make every effort to maintain a digital copy of one or more of your current and future source photos for you to claim and store forever in your Shutterfly account.

How can I access my lifetouch school photographs?

To learn more about, please visit their website. 2. Log in using your school’s Picture Day ID. It is located on the flier for Picture Day.