Major threats to System Security

In this tutorial, you will learn about, what are the major threats to system security? Which one is the most serious?

Data security for any organization is the most important component. Data security threats can be specified in two categories.

  1. Internal digital threat: It occurs due to hardware failure or unwanted software use. Internal digital threats cause to corrupt database contents or infected with a virus.
  2. External digital threats: It occurs through a network in the form of a virus or hacking. It is registered under the fraud, some times these threats can be punishable by cybersecurity cells.

Types of examples of threats:

  1. Malware: These types of threats used as a computer virus but it is only harmful to the current database.
  2. Virus: Trojan horse, Spyware where these virus-infected with all computer-stored data.
  3. Hacking: It is also affected by security issues and allow to hack system document or important files.

There are two types of hacking:

  1. Ethical hacking: It allows to hack system component with user permission.
  2. Illegal hacking: It allows to hack password and protected files but this type of hacking specify as cybercrime.

System security can be handled with the help of antivirus and firewall protection but it can only protect from malware and virus but hacking cannot be prevented with the help of pre-defined software. So, hacking is the most dangerous security issue, so, hacking can only be avoided by using a complex password, avoid sharing of personal information.

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