Line Staff Authority Management


In this topic, you will learn about, Line Staff Authority / Management.

In today’s competitive business environment for the success of an organisation, it is very essential that there should be a cordial relationship between line and staff.

Line function is those who have direct responsibility for accomplishing the objectives of the business organisation and the staffs return to those elements of the organisation that helps the line to work more efficiently and effectively in accomplishing in primary objectives of the enterprise.

LINE: it refers to that position and elements of the organisation which have the responsibility and authority and are accountable for accomplishing the work or primary objective of the organisation.
STAFF: it refers to those elements which have responsibility and authority for providing advance and service to lines in an attainment objective.
There is a wide conflict among the line and staff regarding authority and responsibility, perhaps the most widely used but continuing concept in the organisation theory is the theory of “lines and staff authority and relationship”.

The line official is the direct chain of commands over workers who directly contribute towards the achievements of the objectives of the enterprise on the other hand – staff authority is auxiliary in a business organisation, which helps the manager to work efficiently and effectively. They provide cancelling services, advice, guidelines to the line manager in discharging their responsibility successfully.

Thus, from the above discussion, we see that the staff authority does not have any power to command in the organisation and it is created for providing specialised services, expert advice to the line manager.

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