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You may join a presentation that is already in progress using the JoinPD platform. The Pear Deck Code is required for this. The system was built and administered by the Pear Deck, and it is suitable for students and instructors as well. Virtual courses are made possible with the help of this software. JoinPD.Com Login is quite well-known in the United States since it offers assistance in the field of education. For students and teachers to make a Presentation, they’ll need a login and a password. The more you learn about how to log in and make assignments, the easier it will be.


JoinPD : A Brief Overview


Students and instructors may use Pear Deck’s web-based programmes, which were designed by the firm specifically for educational purposes. The firm established the pear deck solution in 2014 in Iowa City, United States. A “New Startup of the Year” honour was bestowed to Pear Deck by the Silicon Prairie Awards in 2014. We can confidently say that this is a secure and trustworthy network for those in the educational industry. If you’d like to learn more about this platform, please stay tuned.


What is Join Pear Deck (JoinPD) ?



Sign up for a Join PD account now!


  1. Creating a Pear Deck account is so straightforward that I’ve detailed the steps for new users in this article.
  2. The first step to engage your learners with interactive presentations is to establish a brand-new Pear Deck account.
  3. Using the Google or Microsoft Office 365 account you wish to use to access Pear Deck, Google Slides, and PowerPoint Online is the first step.
  4.’s teacher login option may be found by clicking on the option.


Make a choice between the accounts you want to access.



If you’re a student, you can join up for Peardeck or Login


Remember that your instructor will provide you the join link and joinpdcom code, which you must enter into the portal in order to see your teacher’s presentation. Now I’ll show you how to get to these Google and Microsoft Excel presentation sheets.


How to join up for Peardeck


The first step is to go join pd com.



Create a Pear Deck in Google Classroom


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