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Java compiler: – Sun microsystem has provided the java compiler and interpreters in the form of development kit called as JDK (Java Development Kit).The JDK is a collection of compiler interpreters API (Application Programming Interface) if also contain various resources needed for the developed on the java program.

This JDK has various versions in the form ranging from JDK 1.02 to JDK 1.8. Jdk 1.0 was introduced with the name oak and it was a trial version. The JDK 1.8 is called as service and maintenance version. That has not been used for commercial development. Nowadays the JDK 1.5 is standard version for software development.

java compiler

Java editor: – Sun microsystem does not provide any editor of its own. It allows to use the editor of an operating system to developed or write the java program. Version 3rd party vendor has provided a large number of an editor to write the java program. Some common are kawa, notepad ++, Jedit, Edit plus Jcreater etc.

The part from it four editors are available for commercial development of the java programs.

           Name                                                             Company’s

  1. Eclipse                                                    Eclipse Foundation
  2. My eclipse                                              My Eclipse Foundation
  3. Net beans                                               Sun microsystem/ Oracle Corp.
  4. STS                                                           Spring Technologies

Installation of Java:- When the java program is installed then up to version four. It creates the folder named JDK 1.x in which the java is stored from 1.5 and onward. It creates a folder name java in the program files and within the java, folder JDK is installed.

C/ Program files/ Java / Jdk 1.x / Jre x

Setting the path of JDK:-From window vista and onward the operating system more through for administrator and does not allow user file to be stored in it. In such a case the java file must be stored at some other location then javac not recognized by the machine. To overcomes this problem the java compiler must mode global show that it should be recognized by all the location. To perform this task path is used.

Path: – Path is an environment variable that is used to set the location of a .exe file. That can be accessed everywhere in the machine.

To set the path use we used: –

Control panel => System => Advance System setting => Environment variable => System variable => path => Edit

Dialog box opened

Paste the location of JDK


Okay (Enter)

Writing the java program: – To write and store the java program we select a drive say E: make a folder named my java in it. Store all the file in it.




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