Issues involved in feasibility studies

In this tutorial, you will learn about, What are the issues involved in feasibility studies?

Issues involved in feasibility studies:

For a good feasibility study various elements. these elements divided into 6 parts:

  1. Project scope: For feasibility study, we must consider the scope of the project where project scope determines area covered by the project, number of user and project category .project scope sometimes avoid by various corporate world.
  2. Current analysis: For a feasibility study, we must analyze or define the current method of implementation. For any feasibility study system analyst analyse current project process and correct previous error.
  3. Requirement: For feasibility study, we must gather all requirements performed by a current project where requirement can be gathered from user, product, and system etc.
  4. Approach: It specifies project design and development methods. Due to approach we can specify project development process like tools,application,language and hardware and software requirements.
  5. Evaluation: It specifies a cost-benefit analysis of the specified approach. It also determines the project start and end date or a number of workers work for the current project.
  6. Review:-It allow to review all the above 5 elements used for a feasibility study. Project review only perform for 2 purpose either to approve or reject it.

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