Introduction to Organising

In this topic, you will learn about, Organising.

Nature and purpose: In organising the main purpose of any organisation are to maximise profitability. Profitability can be maximised by the efficient and effective use of resources.

Resources are of two types: (natural resource and human resource) (efficient and effective means optimum utilization)

In organising a business organisation, one should look for its competency (it means the domain in which you have expertise or excellence).

In organising the business organisation should also look for the skills and knowledge which will have a profound impact on the final output. This will ultimately determine the success or failure of a business organisation.

The organisation is the backbone of management without efficient organisation no management can perform its function smoothly.

Nature of the organisation is two folded:

  1. It is a process of coordination of employee activities in an orderly manner. It specifies how to work or duties shall be divided among the departments in the company, the policies of work to be followed while accomplishing the work, which is to do the work, the scope and limit of responsibility the relationship of one job to another etc.
  2. Secondly, it is concerned with the framework of an internal relationship. It defines the relationship between person to person, job to job and so on. It specifies the orderly channels of communication between the various levels and the responsibility in a formal manner.

The significance of organisation in any institution can be defined as follows:

  1. For any organisation its facilities management and administration. The organisation is important and the only two to achieve enterprise goal set up by the administration and explained by management. A second organisation helps the management in a number of ways.
    It increases efficiency and avoids delays and duplication of work. It also increases managerial efficiency. It helps in promptness motivates the employee to perform their responsibilities in an efficient manner.
  2. It helps in the growth of enterprise; good organisation contributes greatly to the growth and success of the enterprise. It contributes to the expansion and diversification of the enterprise.
  3. It ensures optimum uses of human resources the right person at the right place at the right time.
  4. Optimum human resource increases not only the efficiency but it establishes a person with different interest on skills and knowledge. It improves the communication network and motivates the employee to contribute their best for the achievement of organisational goals.
  5. It stimulates creativity: it will help in the organisation is not only increasing its efficiency but a well conceive organisational structure is the source of creative thinking and imagination of new ideas.
  6. For any business organisation in today’s globally competitive environment, the use of improved technology is a must. In today’s volatile environment the use of new technology not only increases the production but one is also able to do data processing and different control and enhanced efficiency of one’s organisation.
  7. Coordination in the enterprise: for the success of business organisation different department’s manners, different jobs and positions are welded together by the structure in an organisation.
  8. It ensures cooperation among workers a good organisation not only coordinates the different departments but also promotes mutual good wills and cooperation among workers. It disposes of conflicts between the individual in an effective manner.
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Thus, from the above-mentioned points, we can conclude that for the success of any business organisation proper coordination, communication, improved relationship and disposal of mutual conflicts goes a long way in making the business organisation efficient and effective.
For the success of any business organisation, the importance of formal and informal as well can’t be ignored.

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