Internet and Its Uses

In this topic, you will learn about, What do you mean by Internet? What are the uses of the internet?

What do you mean by Internet?

It was introduced in 1969 by ARPANET (Advance research project for Army network). Internet is a collection of the network allow to establish connection worldwide. It is also called WWW (world wide web). It is an example of WAN. So, It cannot follow any geographical boundary.

Internet connects individual computer terminals, computers, mobile devices, and computer networks to the Internet, enabling users to access Internet services, such as email and the World Wide Web. The Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. More than 190 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news, and opinions, dictionary, reference, com/browse/internet. Due to internet connection, a vast computer network linked with smaller computer networks.

Internet is used to transfer any file, picture, document, video, etc from one computer to another. It also offers voice and video chatting for entertainment. It provides various features like email, website, global memory space, and various other features.

What are the Uses of the Internet are as follows:

  1. Communication: Communication is the most important gift that the internet has given to the common man. At the moment the easiest thing that can be done using the internet is that we can communicate with the people living far away from us with extreme ease.
    Email, social networking sites are some of the prime examples of it.
  2. Education: Education is one of the best things that the internet can provide. There are a number of books, reference books, online help centers, expert’s views, and other study-oriented material on the internet that can make the learning process very easier as well as a fun learning experience.
  3. Financial transaction: With the use of internet in the financial transaction, your work has become a lot easier. Now you don’t need to stand in the queue at the branch of your particular bank to withdraw or deposit money. Due to easy financial transactions over the internet, we can purchase or sell items so easily.
  4. Publication: The Internet generally uses for communication with various people, where the internet provides various communication methods like text chatting, video chatting, and voice chatting.
  5. E-commerce: The Internet support various e-commerce features like fund transfer debit from ATM, Internet banking, and mobile banking, online booking of tickets, or online shopping.
  6. Download: Using this feature we can download audio, pictures, songs, games, software, etc.
  7. Uploading: It allows to upload of any picture, video, document to publish globally.
  8. Entertainment: We can perform various entertainment program likes online game, play online movie, video, and Tv sources.
  9. Surfing: The Internet provides various search engines like google, yahoo, etc. through which we can search for anything available on the internet. It also offers to google earth for the navigation systems.
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