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Hshsmyhealthrecord.Com – In 1875, the HSHS St. John’s Hospital in Springfield, Illinois, opened its doors to patients. Central and southern Illinois residents can take advantage of the extensive range of medical services available at this regional medical facility. They provide a wide variety of medical care services and programmes, including both inpatient and outpatient treatment, including the following:


  • A Medical Organization
  • The Hospital of St. Mary
  • The Hospital of St. Francis
  • Hospital of the Good Shepherd
  • The College of Saint John

Today, they make available to their patients an online health information management solution that is both free and protected by encryption technology. The name of the website they use is HSHS MyChart, and it belongs to the Hospital Sisters Health System.


Hshsmyhealthrecord.Com Login Requirtements:

  • Particulars about an individual
  • Internet connection on your device
  • A code that activates anything (see below on how to get one if you do not have one yet)

Hshsmyhealthrecord.Com - Myhsh

Hshsmyhealthrecord.Com Login Steps:

  1. Follow this URL on your device’s internet browser to access the page.
  2. If you click the button labelled “SIGN UP NOW,” you will be sent to the following website: https://hshsmyhealthrecord.com/MyHSHS/accesscheck.asp.
  3. Fill out the Activation Code blanks with your own personal information.
  4. Please enter the final four digits of your Social Security Number into the areas that have been provided.
  5. Please fill out the areas with your date of birth. Thank you.
  6. To continue, use the “Next” button.
  7. Proceed to move forward with the registration process for a new online account by providing all of the essential information.
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Hshsmyhealthrecord.Com Login Steps For Existing Member:

  1. Follow this URL on your device’s internet browser to access the page.
  2. In the “No Activation Code?” area, there is a button labelled “SIGN UP ONLINE.” Clicking on that button will bring you to this page: https://hshsmyhealthrecord.com/MyHSHS/signup.
  3. Continue to go on and give all of the essential information so that the request for an activation code may be submitted and finished.
  4. Follow these steps to login in to your CURRENT account online if you are a patient who is currently being treated:
  5. Visit: https://hshsmyhealthrecord.com/MyHSHS/ or you may tap or click this link on your smartphone.
  6. Fill out the supplied areas with your user name and password, if you have one.
  7. You may start managing your existing online account as soon as you click the “SIGN IN” button on the login screen.


Patients are able to carry out the following activities thanks to this feature:
  • Refill drugs and prescriptions.
  • Examine and handle the laboratory’s results.
  • You may both view and pay your billing statements here.
  • Organize and view your scheduled appointments.
  • Examine the processes for outpatients.
  • Maintain a record of your health concerns.
  • Communicate with their healthcare practitioner through encrypted communications.
  • Examine your medical files, review your electronic health information, and go over your health summary.