Explain Graphics Device Interface (GDI) in detail.


It stands for graphics device interface. In Vb we can insert given element like picture, image, shape or different picture, image, shape or different animations by using various control where these control represent on GDI .

VB GDI control use shape control ,picture control ,animation control [Microsoft common animation],image control ,active X control ,etc.

a)Shape control: It allow to create circle ,rectangle ,polygon ,square ,triange ,etc.using it we can draw a shape using a mouse.
b)Picture control: It allow to show or display download oe shape pictures.
c)Animation control: using it we can paly video or audio clip and also play some flash file.
d)Image control: Its work same as picture control and its offers facility to resize a picture.
e)Active X control: It allow a facility to create user defined graphics control for shape, picture or animation.


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