Generations of Computers


There are six generations of computers are given below:-

(a) First  Generation  Computers: The Computers which are invented between 1949 and 1955 are called First generation computers. First Generation Computers used vacuum tubes as the main working component. These computers were are huge in size, consumed a lot of electricity. Large air condition where necessary because the computers generated heat. In the First generation, programmers use machine language.

(b) Second  Generation  Computers: The  Computers which are developed between 1956 and 1965 are called  Second Generation Computers. Second Generation Computers used transistors instead of vacuum tubes. The use of transistors made Computers smaller, faster, more reliable and cheaper. These Computers generated less heat, consumed low electricity. Magnetic tapes and disk used in  Second  Generation Computers as secondary storage devices. In  Second  Generation Programmers use machine language as well as assembly language.

(c) Third  Generation  Computers: The Computers invented between  1996  and  1975 are called Third  Generation  Computers. Third  Generation Computers used integrated Circuits as their main working component. The use of IC made Computers smaller, faster, more reliable and cheaper. These Computers consumed low power. In this Computers High-Level Language has appeared. These Computers have less human labour.

E.g IBM  360  series, ICL  1900  series, IBM  370 x 168, ICL  1900, Honey  well  model  6000  series

(d) Fourth  Generation  Computers: The Computers invented after  1976 are called Fourth  Generation  Computers. Fourth  Generation Computers used a microprocessor as their main working component which makes the computer smaller and faster. In  Fourth  Generation  Computers  Micro Computer series such as  IBM  and Apple developed and different types of secondary memory with large storage capacity and faster access developed. In this Generation portable Computer are developed and also great development in data communication.

(e) Fifth  Generation Computers: The Computers invented between 1984 and 1999 are called  Fifth  Generation  Computers. In this period computer technology achieved most superiority and parallel processing which was until limited to vector processing and pipelining, Where hundreds of processor could all work on various parts of a single program.

(f) Sixth  Generation  Computers: The Computers invented between  1999 to till date are called Sixth  Generation  Computers. This present Generation  of Computer technology is highly related with parallel computing and several growth areas have been noticed in this area in both hardware part and in the better understanding of how to develop an algorithm to make use of massively parallel architecture.


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