Find out when is the Perfect Time to Visit Hawaii

In general, the best months to visit Hawaii are June, July, and September. This is the time of year when visitors can expect the least amount of rain and warm water temps. Hawaii, on the other hand, offers pleasant weather all year (after all, the Aloha State experiences only two seasons). So you’re not out of luck if you can’t go between June, July, or September.

Hawaii is a must-visit location. The Aloha State is known for its unique culture, beautiful scenery, and gorgeous beaches. We’ve got you covered if you’re looking for the best time to visit Hawaii. Individual preferences may influence the optimum time to arrange your tropical holiday, but the islands are lovely at any time of year. Do you want to save some money? Make your journey during the off-season. Do you want to see a humpback whale? Choose a break in the winter or early spring.

Depending on your travel interests, this is the best time to visit Hawaii 2022. While this advice is still generally valid, the coronavirus epidemic may have had an influence on crowd levels, expenses, and other activities and offerings, so double-check before you go.

When is the greatest time to go surfing in Hawaii?

Only four of the Hawaiian archipelago’s islands, Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, are suitable for surfing all year. When it comes to when and where you want to surf, it all depends on your ability level.

The waves have a fairly constant pattern. Surfers can find big swells off an island’s north shore in the winter, for example, whereas the south coast has calmer seas. The opposite is true in the summer.

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Advanced surfers should search for huge wave surfing competitions on Oahu’s North Shore, popularly known as the “Seven Mile Miracle,” during the winter season, or ho’oilo, which runs from mid-November to early February. La’aloa Bay and Honoli’i Beach Park are two of the best surfing spots on the Big Island.x`

In the winter, inexperienced surfers will want to spend more time on the islands’ southern shores. In Maui, the beaches of Kaanapali, Lahaina, and Kihei provide just-right waves for novice surfers.

When Is the Great Season to Visit Hawaii?

According to the Hawaii Tourism Authority, July has the highest number of visitor arrivals throughout the year (995,210 people visited the islands in July 2019), and December is normally the second-busiest month. Avoid planning excursions during the latter week of April and the first week of May if you want to avoid the crowds. During this “Golden Week,” crowds of Japanese tourists converge to Hawaii. The Hawaii Tourism Authority stated that September 2019 had the fewest monthly tourists, with 718,042 arrivals.

From December to May, visitors to Hawaii who want to go whale watching will see humpback whales off the beaches of the islands. Many consider the months of January, February, and March to be the height of the season because this is when the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration completes its yearly whale survey.


Those looking for a perfect combination of fewer people, lower costs, and pleasant weather will most likely find their best booking window in May or September.