Features And Applications Of OOPs


In this topic, you will learn about, Features And Application Of OOPs.

OOPs was introduced in the 1980s. using oops we can design application software very easily and reduce development time. OOPs basically design consumer electronic goods. OOPs, provide various feature through which we can design any software.

Features of OOPs:

  1. Abstraction: it allows to create an object and specify object state and behaviour.
  2. Encapsulation: Creation of a class is called encapsulation.it allows implementing data hiding and abstraction.
  3. Data hiding: it allows to implement public, private and protected features.due to hiding we can’t access class member directly.
  4. Inheritance: it allows to inherit one class property to another class.java language directly support two types of inheritance i.e single inheritance and multilevel inheritance but OOPs concept provide six types of inheritance.
  5. Polymorphism: It implements overloading, overriding and virtual concept.in Java, we cannot implement polymorphism but Java compiler automatically implements some features.
  6. Exception handling: due to exception handling concept we can implement or handle runtime exception with the help of try, catch, throw, etc keyword.

Different applications and area where OOPs is used:

OOPs, the concept is very popular for software development and its use of different types of application development.

  1. Computer aided teaching.
  2. Website development.
  3. Business processing application.
  4. Warehousing(database application).
  5. Parallel computing.
  6. Intelligence system.
  7. Mobile computing.
  8. Gaming application.
  9. Network application.
  10. Database management system.

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