Explain IDE of visual Basic


It stands for an Integrated development environment.It provides facility to design, compile, execute or Visual Basic code.so, due to IDE provides an interface, module and controls for Visual Basic programming. IDE of Visual Basic provides various component.

  1. FORM:- I work as a container on which we can place multiple objects.In Visual Basic form allow designing program interface.Visual Basic use two types of form.
  2. SDI: -single document form
  3. MDI:-multiple document form
  4. Code Module:-In Visual Basic we can write Visual Basic code for a current program or program object in code module code.module also called code window.
  5. Project Explorer: Project explorer allows to specify current form ar all forms used with current projects .using project explorer we can also navigate from one form to another form.
  6. Controls: Visual Basic controls create an object and allow to place form.There are various types of control specified by Visual Basic and we can also design user design control.

                    Eg:-common button ,text box ,Label Radio Button ,etc.

      7. Property window: It allows to specify attributes for the Visual Basic object.Due to property window, we can set object name, object heights width, caption font, etc.

      8. Form layout windows:  It represents form position and we can also set form position form layout position display at the time of execution


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