Differentiate between a program and process

In this topic, you will learn about, Differentiate between a program and a process and possible steps of a process in an operating system.

Differentiate between a program and process:

It is a set of instructions allow to perform. It represents instruction that allows for a specific task. perform a specific task.
It performs tasks by various execution. It depends on the program.
It is created with the help of training. It can be implemented by any computer user.
It can be specified by using various languages. It represents user instruction.

Possible steps of the process:

Process steps can be classified into various categories. It allows specifying process algorithm.

  1. Code: To create a process we must specify program code where program code allows to represent various instructions.
  2. Static or dynamic data: Process represent static and dynamic variable where static variable create fix memory and dynamic create global memory.
  3. Procedure: It specifies a procedure called a stack. So, we can execute function or procedure call in a FILO manner.
  4. Program counter: It uses PCB (Process control box) or program counter to specify the program execution step.
  5. Operating system resource: It specifies various resources where each resource can be accessed by the process.

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