Criteria necessary for effective and efficient network

The factors that can make a computer network effective and efficient are as follows.

Performance: There are many ways to measure performance including access time, response time, the amount of time required for message travel from one device to another device. The performance of a network depends on various factors.

  • The number of users: Response time in a network can be dependent on a large number of networks.
  • Type of transmission medium: Network performance also defines data transmission speed.
  • Hardware: Network performance also depends on the type of processor or storage speed.
  • Software: Various network booster software is used to increase downloading or uploading speed.

Security: Protecting data from unauthorized access and virus can be resolve by using a firewall and by using internet security antivirus.

Reliability: Accuracy of delivery and frequency of failure can measure the network reliability. It also depends on the frequency of failure and recovery time.

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