Cost benefits and Analysis in brief


In this tutorial, you will learn about Cost benefits and Analysis in brief.

Cost benefits and Analysis in brief:

The cost-benefit analysis allows to evaluate or estimate project cost, project benefit and project maintenance cost. Cost-benefit analysis also determines validation risk, project purchase and also specifies project timing. There are various issues consider at the time of cost-benefit analysis like:

  • A number of employees: To determine project cost and benefit we must specify the number of employees and its basic salary with the designation.Where the number of employees and project team size depends on project categories where team size must be specified before development.
  • The number of operations: Number of operation specifies project duration where project duration also specify or evaluate project cost and benefit.
  • Database size: Project cost varies due to database size where database size depends upon the operation performed by the project.
  • Security aspects: For project planning or cost estimation also consider security issue and varies project cost security concept.
  • Maintenance: Project maintenance also determines project cost where maintenance specified for a limited period of time.
  • Project category: Project category also specify project cost, project categories specify for a single user or multi-user project.

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