Computer Programming and Languages


In this topic, you will learn about, Computer Programming and Languages.

A computer is immersed as the most useful machine in recent times. It can perform a variety of tasks like receiving data, processing, and producing useful results. However, being a machine the computer cannot perform on its own.

A computer needs to be instructed to perform even a simple task like the addition of two numbers. Computers work on a set of instructions called computer programs, which verifies, specify the way to carry out the task. A computer also takes instructions in the form of a computer program and carries out the requested task.

Now, the question arises that how human beings instructed the computer?

We as human being uses natural languages such as Spanish, English, Hindi, and French to communicate. Similarly, a user communicates with a computer in a language understood by it notes that human beings cannot interact directly with the computer using natural language.

Because so far, we have not developed such a computer that can translate natural languages. Rather than instructions, provide in the form of computer programs are developed using computer language or programming language.

A program is consists of a series of instructions the computer processes to perform the required operation. In addition, it also includes some fixed data required to perform the instruction and the process of defining that instruction and data in order to design a program a programmer must determine pre-basic permeation.

  1. The instruction to be performed.
  2. The order in which those instructions are to be performed.
  3. Data required performing those instructions.

To perform a task using a program a programmer has to consider various inputs of the program along with the process which is required to convert the input again desired output.

FOR E.g. A programmer wants to calculate the sum of two numbers let A and B and store the sum in C. here, A and B are the input, addition is the process and C is the output of the program.

Computer Programming and Languages

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