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Curtiss W. Earlier created Comdata in 1969. Comdata is a payment processor which was under Ceridian until it was taken over by a $3.45 billion transaction by Fleector. Currently, Comdata’s HQ is headquartered in Brentwood in Tennessee, USA.

Comdata collaborates with several industries situated in America. It works with businesses including hospitality, education, the healthcare industry, etc. It collaborates with the government of the US as well.

Comdata Card is the greatest payroll card that delivers numerous advantages to its cardholders. It is an alternative method to get your paycheck instead of a physical cheque. Every salary period, your money is paid into the Comdata Card. Once the money is put in your Comdata Card, there are a variety of methods to access it. You will have access in the simplest methods with quicker access to the cash in your account.

It’s vital to activate your card before using it to prevent a cost. Go to the ComData website and create an account to activate your card. You need your card number and an activation code to begin the registration procedure. Once you finish the registration, you may log in and check your account balance at any time, as well as monitor your transactions, dispute any purchases and print account statements.

Comdata login

Comdata login provides a comprehensive variety of solutions for fleet management, including permits, scale transaction services, housing, fuel cards, and more. If you’re interested in those particular goods, you can learn more on Comdata’s website under its MyFleet programme.

Non-fleet business services encompasses two kinds of products: Corporate Payments and POS.

For corporate payments, Comdata provides numerous services, including:

ConnectPay – ConnectPay is Comdata’s AP automation platform. It functions as a bridge between your accounting system and your check, wire, ACH, and virtual card payment systems.

Corporate MasterCard – The Comdata Corporate MasterCard functions as a business card for travel and expenditures (T&E), buying card, and fuel card. When used at over 16,000 partner restaurants and hotels, it gives a 4 percent refund to the firm. It also gives up to 25 percent refunds for office supply businesses, rental vehicle locations, shipping providers, and print shops.

Virtual MasterCard — Virtual credit cards enable a single-use temporary card number for making vendor payments without compromising your genuine account details.

Payroll MasterCard — According to the Wall Street Journal, a payroll check may cost between $4 and $20 to produce, but not every employee has a bank account to permit direct deposit. Comdata’s Payroll Cards are simpler for workers to qualify for than bank accounts and allow direct transfer into their prepaid debit accounts.


Hot to Register at Comdata Card –

Now, let us grasp another easy step to register your Comdata card. registering is extremely easy

  • Open to register alternatively you may copy and paste following URL
  • Then click on the “Are you a new user? Click here to register” option or Open this URL for registration
  • Please then input your Comdata card number and activation code.
  • You will notice the “next” option offered below. Click it and move forward.
  • Just follow the instructions and you will be enrolled in no time.

How to Reset Cardholder.comdata  Login Password

If you lost your username or password and you are not able to complete Cardholder.comdata sign in then follow the easy procedure mentioned below.

  • Open the website
  • If you forget your username, then click on the username option located under “Forgot your Username or Password?”
  • It will ask you for your card number and email address, Kindly fill in the proper data.
  • Did you forget your password? Click the password button clicking on “Forgot your Username or Password?” button. After that, simply click the “Submit Request” button.
  • It will open a window and ask you a question about supplying your login and email address. Please provide the relevant information and click the “Submit Request” button.
  • Fill in the exact data. In case you provided erroneous data, click on the “Reset” option to input the proper details.

ComData Card Login Requirements

  1. website needs the following.
  2. Website address of
  3. comdata cardholder login – username and password.
  4. Web browser to access
  5. Reliable internet connection for speedier comdata cardholder login
  6. Personal Computer, Laptop, Mobile Phone or any other helpful equipment.

Check Balance Via Telephone

If you don’t have access to the internet, there’s another alternative. Flip the card around and call the phone number indicated. An automated system leads you through the whole procedure. Some short advice while you’re on the call:

The star key (*) enables you to return the previous menu.

Press 9 to get to the main automated system menu.

Press 0 at any time to talk with a customer care representative.

Use the App

The Comcheck smartphone app is free to download. Once you register your Comdata card on the app, you may check your balance for free at any time. You may also use the app to send money to other Comcheck mobile app users for free.

Helpful Tips

ComData encourages checking balances solely through the web portal, telephone or opt-in for text message notifications using the online site. No fees are levied when you make purchases with your ComData card using it as credit or using your pin information. The first transaction of each pay cycle will be free of ComData costs. When using an ATM to withdraw cash, realise that you don’t have to take all the money out. Additionally, if you use an Allpoint or Regions ATM, you may avoid additional costs. To find an Allpoint ATM in your location, visit the Allpoint website or the Regions website.

Comdata Card Benefits

Cardholder comdata receives excellent advantages with the Comdata Card. To check out all the advantages and other facts the cardholder may visit to Cardholder.comdata website using the URL Cardholder.comdata website will need the card holder to utilise their comdata card login credentials. All the information need to be entered in the offered choices of website.

  • You won’t have to wait as long for your income since you won’t be getting paper checks.
  • Check the balance of your Comdata card from anywhere and at any time with comdata card login. You are allowed to use Comdata card can at the business that takes Mastercard for payment.
  • Create a notification alert for each transaction as well as when your employer loads cash on payday.
  • This Comdata card may be used to withdraw cash from any ATM.
  • Use the comdata website to obtain all the advantages. Your comdata pay card may be used for competitive gasoline savings aswell. That is why you should login to Comdata pay card also provides zero transaction fees thus the card user needs to worry less.


Comdata delivers a comprehensive array of financial and digital solutions for c-stores, along with specific financing alternatives, consultations, and more. It’s a terrific way to get a taste of a recognised efficiency machine that’s been working since the pre-Internet age.

If you’re seeking to add that Mad Men touch to your workplace or retail shop of any sort, this is the kind of firm you want to do business with.

Additionally, Comdata’s a la carte approach makes it a handy one-stop shop for convenience shops, gas stations, and other companies to stay up with new technology at the pump, point of sale, or payroll. Sometimes you get what you pay for.