Characteristics of Java

In this topic, you will learn about, Characteristics of Java.

Characteristics of Java are as follows:

  1. OOPS: java is purely an object-oriented programming language. so, in Java, all program’s code and methods depend on class and object. Due to the object-oriented concept, java can be extended. In java language, some oop features automatically implemented like overriding, polymorphism, pointer, destructor, etc, and some features implemented by programmers like inheritance, abstraction, encapsulation, hiding, etc.
  2. Portability: Java is a platform-independent language due to which it offers the facility to run or execute code on any system or environment.Java programs run on a virtual machine. So, we can run or execute a java program easily without checking software and hardware requirements.Java language generate byte code where byte code can be understood JVM or any machine.
  3. Robust and secure: Java program cannot be hacked or cannot be infected with the virus.Java program also use exception handling feature. So, we can easily prevent logical error.
  4. Dynamic: Java is a dynamic language. So, In java language, if we want to create more than one block then use dynamic memory allocation. For dynamic allocation, we can use a new or delete operator.
  5. Multithreading: This feature allow to handle more than one task at a time. Due to multithreading we can increase program performance and increase maximum system working capability.

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