Cellular Radio with its work

In this topic, you will learn about, Cellular Radio with its work.

The cellular network is also called guided transmission. It uses both types of channels- wireless and wire-communication. The cellular network generally uses mobile communication or also used for data transmission.

Cellular networks use infrared,radio-wave, or twisted pair cable, co-axial cable, fiber-optics cable. Its also used as a cellular network medium.

  1. Infrared: It is used to implement cellular networking and its use of time-division multiplexing. Using TDM we can share communication at a time with high bandwidth. The cellular network also uses synchronization of TDM.
  2. Radio-wave: It uses FDM multiplexing where FDM shares bandwidth with all core. For networking core represents the networking layer.
  3. Wire-Transmission: Cellular network also shares information with the help of wire where the wire can be divided into various parts :
    1. Twisted pair cable.
    2. Co-axial cable.
    3. Fibre optics.
    4. Magnetic medium.

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