Discuss Cellular Radio with its work.


Cellular Radio with its work:

A cellular network is also called guided transmission. It uses both types of channel- wireless and wire-communication. The cellular network generally uses mobile communication or also used for data transmission.

Cellular network use infrared, radio-wave, or twisted pair cable, coaxial cable, fibre-optics cable. Its also used as the cellular network medium.

i)Infrared: It is used to implement cellular networking and its use time –division multiplexing. Using TDM we can share several communication at a time with high bandwidth. Cellular network also use synchronization of TDM.
ii)Radio-wave: It use FDM multiplexing where FDM share bandwidth with all core. For networking core represents networking layer.
iii)Wire-Transmission: Cellular network also share information with the help of wire where a wire can be divided into various parts:-
a)Twisted pair cable.
b)Co-axial cable.
c)Fibre optics.
d)Magnetic medium.


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