Advantages of Clear Cut Authority

In this topic, you will learn about, Advantages of Clear Cut Authority.

Advantages of Clear Cut Authority:

  1. It leads to higher efficiency: authority to his subordinate will be clearly understood. Adequate and clear-cut authority delegation and planning particularly in the area of policymaking will go a long way in increasing the span of management.
  2. Use of standard plan: in any business organisation standing plans and use of a set of rules and procedure relive excessive burden by the way of making a certain decision for the guidance of subordinates. Standing plan are applicable in all recurring problem. If the standing plans are there in the system then obviously the span will be small while in reserve case span will be big.
  3. Another factor that needs to be considered in the span of management the internal environmental conditions of the business organisation as well as the external environmental factors where the business organisation operates. Thus, we see that the span of management depends upon a number of factors. There is not a fixed span of management for a particular business or rank in an organisation span of management can be increased by delegation more and more authority by decentralisation by using standing plan by training and developing the subordinates and by improving the efficiency of the organisation.

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