Advantages and disadvantages of RDBMS

In this topic, you will learn about, What are the advantages and disadvantages of RDBMS.

Advantages of RDBMS:

  1. It implements the DBMS concept and rules for online transactions.
  2. It is the most secure data storage method.
  3. It can be supported by any language, system, or platform.
  4. It provides various specified procedures and setup to inbuilt with the website very easily.
  5. It arranges elements and also accesses according to rule.

Disadvantages of RDBMS:

  1. It consumes very large memory space or sometimes stores garbage collection.
  2. It doesn’t support images, videos.
  3. It is complex to implement or establish connectivity.
  4. RDBMS works as a back-end.
  5. It needs an application to establish communication.

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