Advantages and Disadvantages of pseudo code

In this topic, you will learn about, Advantages and Disadvantages of pseudocode.

Advantages and benefits of pseudo-code:

Programming can be a complex process when the requirements of the program are complex in nature. The pseudo-code provides a simple method of developing the program logic as it uses every language to prepare a brief set of instructions in the order in which they appear. In the completed program it allows the programmer programmers to focus on the steps required to solve a problem rather than on how to use the computer language. Some of the most significant benefits of the Pseudocode are:

  • Since it is language-independent it can be used by most programmers it allows the developer to express the design in plain and natural language.
  • It is easier to develop a program from a pseudo-code as compared to the flow chart. Programmers do not have to think about syntax, we simply have to concentrate on the underline logic. The focus is on the steps to solve a problem rather than how to use the computer language.
  • Often it is easy to translate pseudocode into a programming language, a step that can be accomplished by less experienced
  • The uses of words and phrases in pseudo-code, which are in the lines of basic computer operations simplify the translation from the pseudo-code algorithm to the specific programming language.
  • Unlike flow charts, pseudo code is at and does not tend to run over many pages. Its simple structure and readability make it easier to modify.
  • The pseudocode allows programmers to work in different computer languages to talk to others they can be reviewed by groups easier than the real code.

Disadvantages/limitation of Pseudo Code:

Although the pseudo-code is a very simple mechanism to specify problem-solving logic, it has some of the limitations that are listed below:

  • The main disadvantages are that it does not provide a visual representation of the programming logic.
  • There are no accepted standards for writing the pseudo-code. Programmers use their own styles of writing pseudocode.
  • The pseudo-code cannot be compiled nor executed and there is no real formative of a syntax of rules. It is simply one step, an important one, in producing the final code.

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