Advantages and disadvantages of EDP

In this tutorial, you will learn about,  the advantages and disadvantages of EDP.

EDP allows specifying the system development process electrically. It is also called electronic processing.EDP allows to store various data or information or manage information electrically on the computer. These days accessing the database can be possible electrically. EDP implement at the place of different database accessing tools like keyboard, mouse, etc.

Advantages of EDP:

  1. Fast: EDP access database context very speedily. Its speed depends on the network or device.
  2. Accuracy: EDP gathers accurate information accuracy depends on the EDP tool.
  3. Less expensive: EDP tools are very easily available and also takes low maintenance.
  4. Storage capacity: It provides various storage media like secondary and primary memory.
  5. Automation: EDP system avoid human work during the process.

DisAdvantages of EDP:

  1. Training: EDP tools need extra cost for employee training.EDP tools sometimes specify a different procedure for each tool.
  2. Electricity consumption: It completely depends on electricity because EDP equipment runs with the help of electricity directly.
  3. Equipment cost/Maintenance cost: EDP system each time face lots of problem after up-gradation of the system.

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